What’s in the price of a property valuation?

When considering the cost of a property valuation let’s put things into perspective. The reality is that for a few hundred dollars you can potentially gain thousands in a property sale or conversely save thousands on a property purchase. There’s a good reason for the saying ‘information is power’. When you consider the value you’ll get from additional knowledge during property negotiations, the few hundred you spend on a valuation can deliver an incredible return.

If you own a property and you’re looking to sell a property valuation gives you a realistic starting point so you don’t leave money on the table by starting too low.  It can also help you avoid potential losses and other costs that mount up from sitting on the market too long.

Because our business model is not based on commissions we are independent. Valuation information provides the the upper hand you need in negotiations whilst providing balance against other advice.

If you are looking to buy a property, an independent valuation keeps you one step ahead of competing purchasers on the market. Again, it’s information to balance the market perspective and a powerful tool in negotiations. This is especially so when it’s a tricky decision and the property is one you’ve simply fallen in love with. A property valuation can help to remove emotion from decisions – will you buy with your head or your heart? Whatever you choose go in to negotations with all the information.

When your property isn’t like anything else in the area or is a little out of the ordinary, a valuation can help you to make decisions around potential value.

Information is power and as you can see it goes both ways providing peace of mind to decision makers from all sides. Will the buyer or the seller be the one armed and ready with the most information?

Be confident you’re making well-informed financial decisions and remember, peace of mind comes from expert advice.