Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Valuations for Rural Properties

Capital gains on properties acquired after 20 September 1985 attract capital gains tax.  This means there may be tax payable when you profit from the sale of a commercial rural property.  Capital gains tax can also be payable when a property is gifted to a new owner.

Don’t pay more tax than you should.  There may be concessions or discounts available to you depending on your circumstances.

Some things that influence the amount of capital gains tax (CGT) payable are:

  • Whether the land is improved or unimproved
  • Capital improvements made since purchase
  • The date you acquired the property
  • Whether the property has been used as a farm in the last 5 years
  • Whether the owner is an individual, a partnership or a trust
  • The owners age and health status
  • Whether the primary residence

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Market valuation for capital gains tax

Obtaining a professional market valuation is essential when calculating your capital gains tax liability.

Rural property and real estate

Rural property in Queensland is zoned rural as part of the town planning scheme.  This often includes large acreage blocks, lifestyle blocks, working farms and hobby farms, improved rural land and unimproved rural land (vacant land).

Find out what a rural property valuation will cost

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