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Property value in Brisbane, Queensland is determined by a variety of factors.  Brisbane house prices are a hot topic for the Brisbane real estate market particularly given the high cost of housing in other capital cities – such as Sydney and Melbourne – which makes Brisbane an attractive option for property investors and first home owners alike.

There are many Australian property value reporting tools available and tools for house value estimates too, but of course the expert analysis provided by a university qualified independent property valuer will deliver the most impartial and accurate independent advice.  Why would you trust anyone else?

Here is a summary of some aspects that affect a Brisbane property valuation:

Property Location

Your property location will affect its value: rural property or a city property and which suburb.  Views and proximity to local services such as shopping centres, schools and public transport nodes are some of the aspects we take into account as these are important value indicators.  Development in the area can affect valuations also.

Property Age

The age of your house will affect the property value.  Newer does not always equal a higher house value in Queensland as some homes have heritage or architectural relevance that greatly affect the valuation.  In general though, the age of a building will be a big factor of influence on property value.

Property Improvements and Renovations

Functionality is important and this is where property improvements can make a difference.  Top home improvements to increase property value include: kitchen and bathroom renovations, additional living spaces including outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios.  Bringing the outside in is important in tropical Queensland were liveability is influenced by the indoor outdoor areas for entertaining.

Economic Factors

Both global economic conditions and the local economy influence the property market.  This includes interest rates and bank and financial institution lending policy and practice.  These factors affect the activity in the market and therefore potentially increase property value.  You can find further information about this on the RBA website.  There’s also a transcript from a recent speech that covers the economic reasons behind declining property values across major cities in 2018.

Land Area

The size of the block, the topography,  aspect and position will influence the property value.  From the extremes of roadside corner blocks to quiet streets,  and city views or waterside locations vs suburban property views.

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