Capital Gains Tax Valuation

CSA Valuers can provide expert property valuations for capital gains tax matters in Brisbane and all of Queensland.  Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is payable to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) when you make a gain upon the disposal of a property asset.  This has been in effect since 20 September, 1985.  There are some circumstances where an exemption would apply.  Capital losses can be used to offset earnings in the same year according to the ATO.  There are a few situations where a valuation would be required, for example in relation to the disposal of a rental property or as part of a divorce family law settlement.  A professional valuation from a certified independent property valuer will deliver peace of mind for all property decisions.



A property valuation for CGT is of interest to those who wish to minimise future CGT that might be payable.  Retrospective property valuations are often requested.  As an example our clients often use these valuations on investment properties and rental properties that might have been primary residence at some point.

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