Family Law Property Valuations for Divorce Settlements

Family law valuations or, property valuations for divorce settlements is a valuation service we provide in Queensland.  Divorce or separation is understandably quite stressful.  The division of marital assets and property settlement is just one of the many aspects to consider.  Ideally,  everything goes well and both parties can agree amicably on a financial settlement of marriage.  In this case, there’s no need for arbitration – divorce property division and splitting assets is amicably agreed.  In some cases the property will be sold and sometimes one party will buy out the others share.  However, sometimes one party does not want to sell.  Sometimes the value of the property or properties is not clear.   In some cases, the valuation of the family home is tied to emotion, memories and future requirements such as where the family members will live after divorce.  Independent advice can help to alleviate some of the uncertainty around divorce property settlement agreements and family law.

Avoid marital asset division disputes

No matter what the situation, independent property valuers can help to settle or avoid any divorce disputes or family dispute resolution disagreements over value.  Independent property and house valuations provide an unemotional, fact based accurate valuation to assist with asset division in the case of separation or the end of a marriage.  

Whether via court order (or not) an independent property valuation provides peace of mind.  Where the family court has ordered a valuation, family law and divorce solicitors / family lawyers will jointly collate a panel of experts for the couple to choose from.  The chosen valuer is then considered a ‘single expert witness’ and will provide independent advice to assist with the division of property.  In most cases, the two parties will share the costs of the valuation. If property settlement during divorce is amicable,  a valuation –  whilst not required for court purposes – can still assist with settlement.  Our valuers will liaise with your solicitors as needed to provide an accurate valuation and peace of mind.

A key factor here is that whilst you may consider a real estate appraisal an an option during divorce property settlement, the professional valuation has the advantage of independence with no hidden agendas.

Certified valuers

CSA Valuers director Tim Bodman,  has been valuing property since 1997.  Valuers are certified for the state they operate in.  CSA Valuers are independent property valuers registered with the Valuers Registration Board of Queensland, are Members of the Australian Property Institute and are Certified Practising Valuers (CPV)

Our licensed valuers will independently base the property value on the level of the market in the local area.  This is evidenced by sales of similar size and style properties.

The result is an independent valuation by a qualified expert and a quicker resolution to property matters related to family law settlement.  Divorced couples can then begin to recover and rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. 

Peace of mind comes from expert advice.

Find out what a property valuation will cost for divorce settlement

If you would like to obtain a quote for a divorce settle property valuation or order a valuation,  please fill out the form below and we will contact you directly.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would rather chat please call (07) 3865 6574.  NOTE: Information is kept strictly confidential and we do not visit your property without speaking to you first.